Welcome to Ridgeview Farm
Ridgeview Farm was originally established in 1995 by Harold ( Burt) Lake. Bob & Jami Goble were hired to manage the farm and run day to day operations.  Ridgeview started with 30 cows, In 2009 we bred 220 cows.  The farm has supported the Junior Hereford Assn. both locally and nationally.

The farm will be hosting it's 
18th consecutive sale
Definitely Different 2019
October 13, 2019
Please be sure and join us.

Many changes have taken place since that first sale.  We have welcomed 3 rambunctious boys into our lives. Max, Grant and Nolan are typical farm boys, always dirty and into something. Bobby's daughter, Hailey, had a great year in 2009 showing for the first time.

We could not be more blessed and our lives would not be the same if it were not for our wonderful children.

We farm not only for the love of it but also for the kids. The farm is the best place to raise a family, it teaches lessons that will be with them for life.
We hope everyone can join us on October 7th for the pre sale party. The cattle can be viewed about 3:oopm and we serve dinner at around 6:00pm or so.  The sale will start at noon on Sunday.  If we can be of service please feel free to contact us.

Ridgeview Farm
Bob & Jami Goble
11554-100th Street
Alto MI 49302
Bob's cell # 616-299-8681
Jami's cell # 616-366-6533
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Join us on October 13th for
Definitely Different 2019
If you cannot make our sale in person feel free to bid online in real time at www.lao.live