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STAR TRF Battle Chief 356P

P42488913     Date of birth: April 29, 2004
+3.2    2.1     50       91      18         43         1.9     0 .8   .006     .59        .15            $20    $17     $16     $28
                                C-S Pure Gold 98170
HB STAR Battle Ground 2013
P42255652                MSU Miss Wrangler 61J

                                CS Boomer 29F
STAR TRF Mallory 47J
P42004040                 Sis
Co-owned with Star Lake Cattle Ranch OK
                     Thud Ridge Farms  NJ
CLF LAKE Julie 31S
A beautiful Battle Chief daughter that has done very well for
Brady Fischer
at all the shows

  Battle Chief continues to be a major asset here at Ridgeview Farm.  The Chief calves are consistanly  thick yet  pretty fronted. 

Semen   $50     Certificate  $50
GOBLE Aces N Eights 321W
sired by
Battle Chief
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